Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Horrendous Astronomy

A new movie is in the works. OK, technically it's a mini-series, but what's the difference.

"...the effects-heavy "Impact" chronicles the aftermath of a meteor shower during which a piece of a dwarf star lodges itself in the moon. That triggers a series of anomalies on Earth, including cell phone service interruption, exaggerated tides and the occurrence of sporadic weightlessness. Astrophysicist Alex Kinter (Elliott), with a help of a female astronomer, discover that the moon has been dislodged from its orbit and is on a collision course with Earth."

*bangs head against wall, over and over again*

Simply terrible. On the humourous side, I find it funny that the first anomaly listed is interruption of cell service. The other two are potentially deadly. But oh no! I can't use my cell phone! The world is gonna end! Gah...what rot. We have become a truly phone obsessed society that will one day........ oops, hold on. I gotta take this call.

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Andrew said...

It's like 10.5! Did you ever watch that? Man, classic.