Sunday, May 11, 2008

Homer Simpson's Evolution.

The intro to tonight's Simpsons involved the slow, gradual process of evolution to get to a modern Homo sapiens homerus. I found it pretty damn entertaining. The other characters shown briefly provide good comic bits, especially Moe, who is walking in the opposite direction in the sequence, so he "devolves" into more rodent-like creatures. Enjoy.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Founding great new relations with the Islamic world.

Not that I really give a Rattus norvegicus' colon about Islam or pissing them off, but I can understand how they think the US is the "Great Satan" when fundamentalist crack-pots like this guy are the "spiritual advisers" of a presidential candidate.

For all the bullshit coverage of Obama's "problem" with Rev. Wright (a crap issue at that), it pales in comparison to McCain's endorsements from Parsley and Hagee. And McCain hasn't had to answer any questions on this at all! What hypocrisy! People like Rod Parsley are one of the reasons I will not be voting Republican this year. Spread the word on this, and maybe it will become known to more than the few who follow this intently.