Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Creationist Propaganda Film

Friday, we get the premiere of the creationist, piece-of-shit movie, Expelled. As their hypocrisy has hit the airwaves, including banning scientists who oppose the film from attending screenings (and they were in the movie!!) and telling people screenings are cancelled while moving the time and informing just those who would be favorable, news of lawsuits pend. Apparently, the film contains clips from a Harvard movie on the cell, and from a PBS production, both without obtaining copyright permission. These Expelled morons will stoop to all sorts of lows! I'll go see it, just to see what the controversy is about, and maybe take my son to enlighten him to the fallacies there in. But the movie sounds like pure crap, and I may wait to check it out from the library. As a teacher, I want to know what crap brain-washed students may present in class, and I want to be prepared to counter with an understanding of where their ideas came from.

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gerrycammy said...

Dude, don't give them a cent! Or if you do go, you should sneak in a video camera and bootleg it!