Saturday, February 2, 2008

PZ Myers debates a Creationist, skewers the poor guy.

Absolutely fabulous. I'm going to find the audio of this to enjoy just how flustered the other guy must have gotten.

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gerrycammy said...

Okay, I just stayed up till nearly midnight listening to this debate. It's absolutely ridiculous. I actually feel a bit bad for PZ Myers... It's a difficult to have a good scientific debate with somebody who clearly doesn't have a clear understanding of the science being discussed!!

The state of science education in the US is abysmal. I firmly believe that most Americans don't understand the real nature of science or the scientific method. That we are even having the debate over whether ID should be taught in schools downright depressing.

Anyway, interesting stuff you're posting. I'll have to continue to check it out. -Cammy