Saturday, February 2, 2008

Creation Museum preaches "Super Evolution"...huh?

What the crump is this? So the wacky-as-shit creationists think Darwinian evolution is wrong, and reject all teh supporting evidence in the time since then, yet this is their explanation for the diversity of species today. Remember, this is the Bible-as-fact group known as "Answers in Genesis" that sponsored this so-called museum. AHHH the hypocrisy and stupidity.

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Michael said...

Heh, with mutations and speciations happening in such a short time period, you would think that someone would have noticed. "Um, how come the poodle and the labrador from the Ark mated, gave birth to a fox and a chichuahua, and then they mated and gave birth to a St. Bernard and a wolf?" (Lot of inbreeding going on, too.)

Besides, isn't God kind of a jerk? I mean, if he can wiggle his divine fingers and produce hundreds of species from a pair of animals, couldn't he have wiggled his fingers and produced tens of thousands of species from a pair of animals? That would have saved Noah some poop shovelling, at least, if a pair of hummingbirds could produce camels and leopards and baboons.